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    AT&T might be the next Wells Fargo (and doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it)


    A federal securities lawsuit against AT T and multiple executives of the company mirrors many of the same troubling ethics and compliance failures that plagued Wells Fargo. Inside, we take a deep dive into the allegations.

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    Shareholder lawsuit alleges massive fraud at AT&T


    A lawsuit filed on behalf of shareholders against AT T and its executives and directors alleges widespread fraudulent sales and customer-manipulation tactics regarding the company’s DirecTV Now offering.

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    Senators accuse mobile carriers of throttling practices


    Senate Democrats are alleging violations of net neutrality principles by mobile data carriers who they claim, backed by recent research, are slowing down online traffic.

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    While supportive, tech companies haggle over federal privacy law


    Well past the point of omens, it seems that a federal consumer privacy law is imminent. But what should that law be? How should it mimic GDPR requirements and those of states like California? The devil may be uploaded with the details.

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    Mergers and corporate culture


    Big mergers are in the news, with the union of telecom giant AT&T and vast multimedia firm Time Warner and Comcast’s $65 billion bid for 21st Century Fox being just two examples. With the recent Justice Department emphasis on corporate culture, it will be interesting to see what this season ...

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    Dem Senators grill CEOs over payments to Trump attorney


    A team of Senate Democrats is demanding answers and information from two companies that paid President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen “substantial payments” through a shell company while both had business pending before the administration.

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    David Huntley: The compliance innovator


    As the head of compliance at AT T, David Huntley innovates plenty of different ways for people to reach out to each other and keep open lines of communication regarding risk and integrity.