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    More VW execs charged in emissions scandal; Daimler fined $960M


    German prosecutors have charged two current Volkswagen executives and its former CEO for alleged market manipulation practices relating to its emissions-cheating scandal. In a separate action, Daimler was fined $960 million, also related to emissions cheating.

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    Stephanie Davis: The culture converter


    Leading a team effort to weather the scandal caused by “Dieselgate” is just part of the path forward envisioned by Volkswagen Group of America Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Stephanie Davis. 

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    Former VW boss charged over emissions scandal in Germany


    German prosecutors have filed aggravated fraud charges against Martin Winterkorn, the former chief executive of Volkswagen, and four other unnamed managers for their involvement in the emissions-cheating scandal.

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    SEC charges Volkswagen in emissions-cheating scandal


    The SEC has charged Volkswagen, two of its subsidiaries, and its former CEO, Martin Winterkorn, with defrauding U.S. investors by making deceptive claims about the environmental impact of the company’s “clean diesel” fleet.

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    Fiat Chrysler vs. Volkswagen: A tale of two emissions cheaters


    Compliance officers and corporate defense teams in the automaker industry should review carefully the consent decrees of Fiat Chrysler and Volkswagen for key insight into the sort of compliance obligations the government will expect moving forward as emissions-cheating investigations continue to unfold.

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    Fiat Chrysler to pay $305M civil penalty in emissions-cheating case


    Fiat Chrysler will pay a civil penalty of $305 million to settle claims of cheating emission tests and failing to disclose unlawful defeat devices, the Department of Justice announced on Jan. 10.

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    IAV to pay $35M in emissions-cheating scandal


    IAV GmbH, a German company that engineers and designs automotive systems, will pay a $35 million criminal fine for its role in a long-running emissions-cheating scandal concerning Volkswagen, the Department of Justice announced.

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    Shareholders seeking $10.6 billion from VW over emissions disclosure


    Shareholders seeking damages worth €9.2 billion (U.S. $10.6 billion) have taken German car giant Volkswagen to court in Germany for failing to inform them fully of the financial impact that the emissions cheating scandal would have on the company’s share price.

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    German authorities fine Volkswagen $1.2B for emissions-cheating scandal


    German authorities on Wednesday fined Volkswagen a total of €1 billion (U.S. $1.2 billion) resulting from the company’s long-running emissions-cheating scandal.

  • Werner

    Creating culture from the ashes of scandal


    At Compliance Week 2018 on Tuesday, Hiltrud Werner, head of integrity and legal affairs at Volkswagen Group, spoke of how VW is recovering from a recent scandal and trying to emerge a stronger, better company from lessons learned.

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    What signal will Germany send on VW?


    What effect will the U.S. indictment of former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn have on German prosecutors? Will Germany have the desire to indict and try the former head of the world’s largest auto manufacturer and pride of Germany?

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    Ex-Volkswagen CEO indicted over emissions-cheating scandal


    An indictment, unsealed Thursday, charges former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn with conspiracy and wire fraud relating to the company’s long-running emissions-cheating scandal.

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    Ex-Volkswagen executive gets 7 years in emissions cheating case


    Oliver Schmidt, the former general manager of Volkswagen AG’s U.S. Environment and Engineering Office, has been sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to his role in the company’s long-running emissions cheating scandal.

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    German automakers raided in antitrust probe


    The European Commission this week confirmed that European antitrust authorities have carried out inspections at the premises of several car manufacturers in Germany.

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    The Lakers, KPMG, and Shkreli


    In case you missed it this week, the LA Lakers are under fire for potential tampering, KPMG coughs up $6m to the SEC, and pharma-bro Shkreli is having a rough time finding anyone who doesn’t hate him.

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    New twist in the Volkswagen investigation


    In one of the more interesting and recent twists to the emissions-cheating scandal, Volkswagen has accused a group of fellow German car manufacturers of collusion over the diesel engine scandal, now almost two years old.

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    Auto industry choking on its own fumes


    Volkswagen gets all the stick for being a problem child of the auto industry, but plenty of automakers have compliance issues of their own. A look at some key auto maker probes is inside.

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    Volkswagen Group of America appoints chief compliance officer


    Volkswagen Group of America has appointed Stephanie Davis to serve as chief compliance officer, effective immediately.

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    Volkswagen AG sentenced in emissions-cheating scandal


    A federal court in Detroit has sentenced Volkswagen AG in connection with a decade-long scheme to sell diesel vehicles containing software designed to cheat U.S. emissions tests. As part of the plea agreement, VW will pay a $2.8 billion penalty.

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    Volkswagen appoints chief compliance officer


    Picking up the pieces of its emissions-cheating scandal, Volkswagen this week appointed Kurt Michels, previously chief compliance officer for the Trucks, Vans, and Buses sector of Daimler, as chief compliance officer of the Volkswagen Group, effective April 1. In this position, he will succeed Frank Fabien, who is joining Wolfsburg ...