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    Building Better Vendor Risk Assessments

    2016-07-19T10:00:00Z Provided by

    Download this informative white paper, Building Better Assessments, and you will learn how organizations like yours can improve third-party risk assessments while balancing regulatory pressures, business requirements and budget constraints.

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    e-Book: Overcoming GRC Challenges in the Healthcare System

    2016-07-14T12:00:00Z Provided by

    In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with RSA, we explore some common and emerging risks facing healthcare organizations today, and how RSA Archer’s governance, risk and compliance solutions can help organizations more proactively manage the ills that could befall them.

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    The OCEG GRC Illustrated Series: The Transformative Power of Cognitive GRC

    2016-07-11T13:00:00Z Provided by

    OCEG, with contributions from IBM, has developed an illustration that shows you how to gain insights, develop meaningful reports and move faster from data to decisions with cognitive GRC capabilities.

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    e-Book: Modern Perspectives on Financial Disclosure

    2016-07-05T11:00:00Z Provided by DisclosureNet

    Numerous regulatory changes are on the horizon in 2016 that promise to keep senior financial professionals at public companies very busy over the next year and beyond, bringing even greater regulatory scrutiny and rulemaking. As finance professionals prepare to adapt to this new regulatory climate, they’ll have to overcome the ...

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    The Great Accounting Challenge: KPMG’s 2016 Accounting Change Survey

    2016-07-05T09:45:00Z Provided by

    Title: 2016 Accounting Change SurveyKPMG recently surveyed over 140 companies across a wide range of industries to understand how accounting executives are responding to the challenge of implementing the new revenue recognition and leases accounting rules from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

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    e-Book: The Challenges of Fighting Money Laundering

    2016-06-30T11:00:00Z Provided by Pitney Bowes

    In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with Pitney Bowes, we explore this evolving AML regulatory and enforcement landscape, as well as how to reduce AML risk. We also take a look at how Pitney Bowes Entity Resolution for Financial Crimes and Compliance software is aiding in the ...

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    e-Book: Executing a lockdown on cyber-security threats

    2016-06-29T13:30:00Z Provided by

    Image: Every company knows that falling victim to a cyber-attack is not a matter of if, but when. Needless to say, companies operating in today’s cyber threat landscape have their work cut out for them. In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with NAVEX Global, we explore the ...

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    Third-Party Assurance Optimization: Value Creation Strategies for Service Providers

    2016-06-29T12:00:00Z Provided by

    Download this white paper to get a better understanding of how optimizing TPA reporting can move an OSP from merely protecting value to actually creating it.

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    The OCEG GRC Illustrated Series: The Journey to Advantaged GRC

    2016-06-27T15:45:00Z Provided by

    As an organization matures its approach to GRC, it transitions from a structure of siloed departments and units to a fully engaged business operation. In a mature state, everyone has a part in managing risk, ensuring compliance, and contributing to performance outcomes. This leads to greater confidence, agility, and resilience–advantages ...

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    FCPA Due Diligence and Data Privacy Laws in BRIC Countries

    2016-06-21T13:00:00Z Provided by

    Download the e-Book, “ LEGALLY OBTAINABLE DATA IN BRIC COUNTRIES” now to learn how companies can avoid misuse of personal data and conduct due diligence within the legal scope of data privacy laws.

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    How technology transforms third-party risk management

    2016-06-09T13:15:00Z Provided by

    Read this practical guide that outlines the four key TPRM processes to adopt, and how a Lean Digital approach successfully embeds digital technologies through design thinking methods and Lean principles.

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    e-Book: Mounting a defense against digital media risk

    2016-06-08T11:30:00Z Provided by

    In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with SAI Global, we explore how to effectively balance social media usage with compliance risk across all industries. We’ll also explore how companies can better assess their digital marketing risk, and how to better manage data security and privacy risks created ...

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    Managing the Insider Threat with Active Directory Security

    2016-06-07T11:00:00Z Provided by Dell

    Explore how the typical insider threat unfolds, and how implementing security best practices can minimize these threats. Read the white paper.

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    PDF Document Accessibility: Regulation, Risks, and Solutions for Compliance

    2016-06-02T10:15:00Z Provided by OpenText

    As the aging population and the number of people with visual impairments increases, the awareness and demand for content in accessible formats has also gone up. It is critical for businesses to understand the applicable legislative requirements for providing online and document accessibility, as well as the solutions to achieve ...

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    Top Minds


    Compliance Week, the leading news, analysis and information resource for the ethics, governance, risk, and compliance profession, is proud to announce the launch of  Top Minds 2016, a special issue that profiles a dozen of the most influential thought leaders in the ethics and compliance field today.

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    Conducting Pre-Contract Vendor Due Diligence

    2016-05-05T13:15:00Z Provided by

    In ProcessUnity’s new whitepaper, you will learn how to get it right from the start, using pre-contract due diligence to intercept risks before they become problems.

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    Realizing the Value of Compliance Through Greater Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Sustainability

    2016-05-04T15:45:00Z Provided by

    Organizations today are challenged to address a confluence of regulatory and business changes that are putting new demands on compliance. For some organizations, compliance costs and inherent risks have dictated significant changes in product offerings and business operations. Compliance should be integrated across the business to be best positioned to ...

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    e-Book: The New Revenue Standard: Managing the Implications

    2016-04-29T11:00:00Z Provided by

    Implementing the new revenue standard presents challenges for many companies. This session will provide a brief overview of the new standard, some of the areas where it will have a profound impact, and will provide some thoughts on how to assess and implement the change.

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    e-Book: Ensuring confidence in your ethics training program

    2016-04-11T14:30:00Z Provided by NYSE and SC

    Most compliance and ethics officers are fairly confident about the content of their ethics training programs. It's delivering it in a way that keeps employees engaged that can be the hard part. In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with NYSE and Second City, we try to cut ...