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    e-Book: Leading Practices for Audit Committees

    2015-08-24T16:30:00Z Provided by

    Serving on a corporate audit committee has not been easy for some time now. Required disclosures are likely to increase; the workload in dealing with the external audit firm will increase as well. Without careful attention, your audit fees will go the same way too. To help audit committees—and the ...

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    Governance, Risk, and Compliance Software - Maintain Your IT Budget with Consistent Compliance Practices

    2015-08-17T14:15:00Z Provided by Dell

    Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software can help state and local governments move from a reactive to a proactive stance with their IT systems. It lets them answer the question, "How long since your last…?" with a comforting "less than an hour ago." Read this third-party report to learn about ...

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    Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance

    2015-08-17T14:15:00Z Provided by Dell

    Federal regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the more recent Payment Card Industry (PCI) initiative, require businesses to know exactly what changes are being made to structured and unstructured data in their corporate networks. As a result, IT organizations need to ...

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    Ensuring Enterprise Visibility, Auditing, and Reporting for Windows Environments

    2015-08-14T15:00:00Z Provided by Dell

    Systems and security administrators must achieve and prove IT compliance and security, support active directory migrations, and report on the configuration of active directory, Windows file servers, and SQL servers across their enterprise. With a manual approach, these become Herculean, error-prone tasks that increase the risk of security breaches and ...

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    Insider Threat Spotlight Report

    2015-08-05T10:45:00Z Provided by Dell

    Get comprehensive survey findings from more than 500 cyber-security professionals, all offering unique insights into the state of insider threats today, as well as the best solutions to keep your network protected. Find out how your peers can help you: Understand the five growing trends for insider threats Choose the ...

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    Google EU User Consent Policy: Are You Compliant?

    2015-07-30T10:45:00Z Provided by TRUSTe (official)

    Google recently announced it will be implementing a new user consent policy. Essentially, this new policy requires all websites serving EU visitors, including those not based in the European Union, to comply with the EU Cookie Directive. The EU Cookie Directive has led to a concerted effort by regulators to ...

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    e-Book: Monitoring Employee Conduct

    2015-07-24T10:45:00Z Provided by Schwab Compliance Solutions

    Employee surveillance is a pressing compliance need. Amid reports of scandals and other misconduct, the demand for smarter, tighter, and advanced surveillance is increasing. This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with Schwab Compliance Solutions, offers the latest thinking on what employees, regulators, and compliance practitioners need to know ...

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    e-Book: The Complexities of CCO Liability

    2015-07-22T15:00:00Z Provided by

    Compliance failures can occur at any time, but what happens when the root of the issue lies in the hands of the chief compliance officer (CCO)? Who becomes liable? The company or the CCO? Walking this tightrope can keep many executives and compliance practitioners up at night. Produced by Compliance ...

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    A Set of Best Practices for Targeting, Aligning, and Measuring Learning

    2015-07-21T09:00:00Z Provided by

    Learning expectations have never been higher. Changes in the global marketplace and workforce demographics are accentuating the need to leverage human capital as a competitive differentiator. Companies that can nimbly adapt to industry shifts are realizing greater market share and increased competitive advantage. Instead of regarding training investments as a ...

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    e-Book: New Rules: Revenue Recognition

    2015-07-17T10:15:00Z Provided by

    Research shows that many companies have yet to fully wrap their arms around the new regulations affecting revenue recognition. To complicate the issue, the 700-page document of new accounting rules contains uncertainties that require compliance officers to be on point with their game. This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in ...

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    Groundbreaking Research on Policy Management from 900 E&C Leaders

    2015-07-15T10:15:00Z Provided by

    Use this exclusive benchmarking data to improve your program effectiveness. In NAVEX Global’s 2015 Ethics & Compliance Policy Benchmark Report, you'll learn what E&C professionals are doing to simplify policy-related tasks, address their most difficult challenges, and measure the effectiveness of their program. In addition to providing metrics you can ...

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    e-Book: Corporate Policy Management: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

    2015-07-09T14:45:00Z Provided by

    Policy management is still a maturing business practice and, for many compliance officers, finding the right approach to policy management remains tricky. This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with NAVEX Global, explores the current state of policy management. We begin with “When Policy and Culture Collide,” a look ...

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    Integrated Compliance: Always Audit Ready

    2015-06-24T16:30:00Z Provided by

    The burden and complexity of compliance is growing, and the repercussions for failing to comply fully with laws and rules are damaging and far reaching. Many regulations apply to companies regardless of industry, such as data privacy, safety, and work rules, while others are specific to an industry. Non-compliance in ...

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    Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix Sample Report

    2015-06-23T13:00:00Z Provided by CW Audit Analytics

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    e-Book: Internal Controls in an FCPA Compliance Program

    2015-06-22T14:30:00Z Provided by

    Internal controls have long been an overlooked requirement under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. This e-Book, written by Tom Fox, Compliance Week columnist and award-winning writer on FCPA issues, is a guide that compliance officers can follow to navigate the complexities of internal controls, to help mitigate the risk ...

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    e-Book: CSR and Compliance


    Europe has made significant advances in corporate social responsibility (CSR). European Union member states now back reforms where large companies will be expected to report on environmental and social issues, a move that shows how highly European investors value CSR initiatives. In this e-Book, we examine how major European companies ...

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    Fortune 100 Compliance Report

    2015-06-02T13:15:00Z Provided by Proofpoint NexGate

    Marketing teams are continuing to increase investments in social media as they see continued success from this new channel of communication. The average Fortune 100 firm has over 320 branded social accounts, with over 200,000 followers and 1,500 employee participants—creating a complex compliance landscape with a flood of messages from ...

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    The Relationship Between Learning, Workforce Agility, and Business Performance

    2015-05-26T14:45:00Z Provided by

    With a constantly evolving business climate, encountering change is the new normal. As change permeates organizations, it challenges companies’ operational dexterity. Having an agile workforce is paramount to being prepared to effectively and efficiently adapt in times of change for maximum business impact. Organizations that embrace and practice agility are ...

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    e-Book: Managing Third-Party Risks

    2015-05-20T09:15:00Z Provided by

    In today’s complex business environment, almost every company depends on outside vendors and other third parties to some extent—and often to a great extent. Taming the increasing risk exposure and threats that come with managing third parties can overwhelm compliance officers. This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ...

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    In Focus: 2015 Compliance Trends Survey

    2015-05-19T10:30:00Z Provided by

    For the last five years, Compliance Week has published an annual benchmarking survey, asking compliance officers how they work with their peers, what their responsibilities are, what resources they have and much more. This executive summary is the culmination of a much larger effort. We begin every winter, creating a ...