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    Are CAE and audit committee priorities in sync?

    2015-04-01T11:00:00Z Provided by Grant Thornton

    The results are in—and the 2015 Governance, Risk and Compliance Survey suggests there are competing priorities between chief audit executives (CAEs) and audit committees.There’s a disconnect between audit committee members and CAEs when prioritizing audit risks. Audit committee members rate financial and compliance highly, while CAEs focus on compliance and ...

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    e-Book: Rooting Out Conflicts of Interest

    2015-03-26T09:45:00Z Provided by

    A conflict-of-interest issue can occur at any time. As regulators turn the heat up on this issue, most companies now have conflict-of-interest policies that oblige the disclosure of conflicts when they arise. But how useful are these policies? And can they be enforced around the globe? This e-Book, produced ...

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    Understanding Business Ethics and Integrity

    2015-03-25T10:15:00Z Provided by

    With the rise of transparency and readily available information, ethics and integrity programs are more important now than ever before. Consumers not only want high quality goods, but they want to have confidence the company they are doing business with is doing the right thing. Over the past decade, particularly ...

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    e-Book: Whistleblowing: Another Record-Breaking Year In the Making?

    2015-03-19T14:45:00Z Provided by The Network

    Whistleblowing remains a hotly debated topic, mainly because these informants have the potential to cost a company significant financial and reputational loss. Now the SEC is looking to add more incentives for whistleblowers around the world to come forward and report corporate wrongdoing. Four years ago, when the agency’s Office ...

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    Anti-Bribery and Corruption: A Changing Landscape

    2015-03-16T10:45:00Z Provided by

    Most companies are well aware of the risks bribery and corruption pose when operating in the global marketplace. However, what companies may be overlooking is how quickly the landscape is changing—and how this dynamic shift can affect corporate compliance initiatives. With the recent up-tick in enforcement of the Foreign ...

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    e-Book: HCM Compliance Update 2015

    2015-03-13T09:45:00Z Provided by ADP

    In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, tax compliance remains top of mind for compliance professionals and business leaders. Whether it is adhering to federal and state regulatory requirements, or making sure that all transactions are accounted for, one minor misstep can usher in a series of new risks. Moreover, as technology ...

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    Enterprise-Level PDF Accessibility: Drivers, Challenges and Innovative Solutions

    2015-03-05T15:45:00Z Provided by Actuate

    Over 20 million Americans suffer from vision loss and, per legal requirements, should have access to digital documents in alternate formats. Organizations are looking for ways to comply with current accessibility legislation to avoid lawsuits, penalties, and brand damage. It is vital to stay informed about available technology to proactively ...

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    Compliance Week Audit Information Survey

    2015-03-02T14:15:00Z Provided by CW Audit Analytics

    Download the results from Compliance Week’s survey of chief compliance officers and chief audit executives, asking them what information they present to the audit committee about audit firm engagements.

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    Harness Operational Risk with Enterprise GRC

    2015-02-26T14:30:00Z Provided by

    Every organizational unit has some level of risk it must address. Yet, most internal teams lack the ability to identify priorities and accountability to stay ahead of new threats to the business, thus leaving the process of managing risk to be more reactive. While many risks exist within each function, ...

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    e-Book: AML Compliance: 2015 Update

    2015-02-20T09:15:00Z Provided by

    You can encounter some very shady characters while conducting business globally—and some very aggressive regulators determined to stamp out the money laundering those characters do. Little surprise then, that anti-money laundering compliance is surging. In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with KPMG, we look at how ...

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    Navigating the New Road to Revenue Recognition

    2015-01-09T10:15:00Z Provided by

    Navigating the new revenue standard is one of the biggest challenges to face accounting practitioners in recent years. To help with this challenge, Bloomberg BNA has released a special report, Navigating the New Road to Revenue Recognition. This report provides you with the in-depth analysis you need to better ...

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    Hidden Costs of Compliance: Reducing Transactional Tax Risk

    2015-01-08T09:00:00Z Provided by Avalara

    Debates over online sales tax and related statutory rules and rate changes have vaulted sales and use tax compliance to the top of every finance organization’s 2015 action list. The challenge is on to understand how to implement safeguards and systems, monitor widely varying statutory rules, and find efficient ...

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    The Power of Perception: Employees' Views on U.S. Corporate Tax & Accounting Strategies

    2014-12-16T12:00:00Z Provided by

    U.S. corporations aren’t strangers to having their internal operations in the public spotlight. Throughout 2014, a notable amount of attention has been paid to organizations’ plans to pursue a mix of questionable tax strategies, in hopes of lowering their effective tax rate. Tactics from inversions to double Irish arrangements have ...

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    Root Causes and Business Implications of FCPA Investigations and Enforcement

    2014-12-12T14:45:00Z Provided by Hiperos

    More than 90 percent of all FCPA-related investigations and enforcement involve the activities of third parties. The global fight against corruption continues to increase–more regulations, enforcement, cross-border cooperation and penalties. A bribe paid by one of your third parties could do incalculable damage to your reputation and your bottom line. ...

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    Top 10 Ethics & Compliance Recommendations for 2015

    2014-12-11T15:15:00Z Provided by

    What should you be tracking with regard to ethics and compliance this year? Is your program prepared? We asked industry experts, colleagues and ethics and compliance officers what they see as the top issues pertaining to ethics and compliance in 2015. We’ve gathered their best thinking and prepared a ...

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    Five Steps to Enhance the Board’s Oversight of Cyber Risk

    2014-12-05T11:30:00Z Provided by

    The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), in collaboration with AIG and the Internet Security Alliance, has just released its latest issue from the Director's Handbook Series, Cyber-Risk Oversight. The handbook is organized around five key principles to help directors enhance their oversight of cybersecurity. It covers a wide ...

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    How to avoid common pitfalls in your ORSA process

    2014-12-04T09:15:00Z Provided by

    As with so many regulatory mandates, the development of an ORSA Summary Report is dependent upon much more than just data. Regulators are looking beyond the final numbers to determine if organizations are meeting the mandate, and the process used to get that final report is under equal scrutiny. ...

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    How Confident Are You In Your Corporate Tax Strategy?

    2014-12-02T15:00:00Z Provided by

    As corporate tax complexity increases, so does the risk of mistakes, penalties, and missed opportunities. This Bloomberg BNA white paper discusses the changing landscape of the tax department, the problems with current tax management efforts, and how companies can leverage tax automation software to reduce risk and optimize their tax ...

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    e-Book: Getting a Handle on Third-Party Relationships

    2014-12-01T09:30:00Z Provided by Open Compliance & Ethics Group

    Companies have always relied on several third-party specialists and service providers to help carry out the work that they do. Vendors, suppliers, resellers, wholesalers, consultants, and many others have been part of the business equation for nearly as long as companies have existed. What is different now is how entwined ...