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CW2024 building compliance

‘You have to sell compliance’: Tips for building compliance programs from scratch


A panel of experienced compliance professionals shared the various approaches they took to build compliance programs from the ground up at Compliance Week’s 2024 National Conference.


JBS CECO on overcoming ‘fear, anxiety, and chaos’ of taking job post-FCPA settlements


Mike Koenig explained at Compliance Week’s 2024 National Conference how he helped rebuild JBS Foods’ compliance department following Foreign Corrupt Practices Act settlements with the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission.

CW2024 risk culture

Effective risk culture starts at the top. Everyone is required to make it successful


There is no magic wand compliance professionals can wave to promote a strong risk culture within their organizations, experts discussed at Compliance Week’s 2024 National Conference.


CFTC enforcement head talks steep path to self-reporting credit


Earning self-reporting credit from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is no simple task, Director of Enforcement Ian McGinley conceded.

DOJ building

What the DOJ’s whistleblower reward program needs to succeed


The Department of Justice is set to join a growing list of U.S. federal agencies to have a whistleblower reward program in place, but how impactful it will be at generating more white-collar investigations and prosecutions rides on its initial design, according to experts.


SEC commissioner bemoans lack of public dialogue, calls for CCO input


Hester Peirce of the Securities and Exchange Commission said the agency should form an advisory committee comprised of chief compliance officers as part of a wide-ranging critique of the agency’s efforts to engage with the public.


Experts: ESG gone mainstream, but new regs still create headaches


Environmental, social, and governance goals have gained acceptance from senior leadership because of upward pressure from employees, investors, and customers, according to compliance leaders speaking at Compliance Week’s 2024 National Conference.


U.K. border controls on EU goods evoke supply chain disruption concerns


The imposition of full border controls on goods entering the United Kingdom from the European Union will affect importers and their EU suppliers, and both are advised to prepare for increased checks, possible delays, and new charges.