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White paper: SEC doubles down on cyber risk management accountability

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To help investors gain a better understanding of cyber risk, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has created sweeping new rules—forcing companies to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity.

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White paper: Automate to Accelerate: Overcoming Staffing and Compliance Challenges in Cyber Risk Management

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Spending countless hours tracking down controls evidence for your audit and compliance activities is an annoyance at best and a major drag on productivity and effectiveness at worst.

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White paper: Quantify Third-Party Financial Risk to Efficiently Address Threats

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Financial risk is one of the third-party risk management (TPRM) domains most likely to directly harm your organization.

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White paper: Empowering Cybersecurity Governance and Disclosures

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Do you have a clear vision of what ‘good’ means when it comes to managing governance and your security program? Setting the right targets for your organization is crucial.

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White paper: Maturity Matters: Is It Time to Advance Your Compliance Training Program?

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Maturity models abound throughout the discipline of business management. In this instance, we define “maturity” as the degree and sophistication in which compliance training is formalized, implemented, integrated with risk management, and measured.

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White paper: Smarter Communication Surveillance with AI

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In this White Paper from NICE Actimize and Accenture, we examine how financial services firms are managing Communications Surveillance today, and why current market trends demand a new approach that supplements traditional lexicon-based surveillance with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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White paper: Raising the bar on risk management

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The technologies and approaches that enterprises use to manage risk and compliance have evolved—and this evolution is creating a moment of opportunity.

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White paper: Future-proofing your investment compliance

2022-09-12T21:39:00+01:00Provided by

Seismic change is afoot for asset managers’ investment compliance programs given the significant uplift in SEC proposed rules for investor protection combined with demands for greater transparency.

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White paper: How Compliance Can Prevent Risk and Rapidly Respond to Change

2022-05-20T18:25:00+01:00Provided by

The compliance and risk landscape grows more complex each day, and the rate of change in the space is only accelerating.

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White paper: Compliance & Conversions: How fintechs have both with Veriff

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In this exclusive eBook from Veriff, discover the current state of compliance surrounding fintechs.

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White paper: How technology can power proactive risk management

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Money laundering, cybercrime, corruption, trafficking: These are just a few of the many illegal activities that could be putting your business at risk, especially if you’re using outdated, manual processes.

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White paper: Leveraging a Regulatory Change Data Feed to Maximize Compliance Confidence

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Does your financial institution have the tools it needs to understand regulatory change and manage compliance? Managing the volume and complexity of regulatory change and understanding its impact on your institution requires more than inefficient manual processes.

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White paper: The Dangerous Intersection Between OFAC and Ransomware

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Read CSI’s The Dangerous Intersection Between OFAC and Ransomware white paper to understand how OFAC violations and ransomware present an amalgamated threat to all U.S. businesses, and how to address this threat in order to limit its potential for grave financial harm.

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White paper: Optimizing modern ESI investigations to find the facts swiftly

2021-12-01T05:55:00+00:00Provided by

The Board of Directors needs an answer before the current reporting period ends. Furtive harassment needs to be uncovered and countermanded immediately. A regulatory agency needs immediate assurance that internal procedures will suffice, otherwise a compliance investigation will be initiated. The CEO needs to know whether terms of the M&A ...

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White paper: Efficient Data Privacy Compliance Using eDiscovery Workflows

2021-11-16T01:57:00+00:00Provided by

Subject rights requests can divert compliance and legal teams from delivering strategic value and safeguarding their organization from other sources of risk. In many organizations, DSAR/SRR processes are underdeveloped and the use of automation nascent, exacerbating time and resource challenges.

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White paper: E-Discovery Market Trends and Challenges

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Organizations are asking more of IT, legal and compliance teams than ever before. They need to manage more data, from more data sources and they’re required to comply with an increasing number of e-discovery requests