This webcast aired on February 2, 2021. 
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For many companies, SOC 2 Compliance can be an unexpected requirement to work with a big new client. This complex, time-consuming compliance effort is often much more costly than business leaders expect, and can easily lead to more hiring, delayed product launches, and slow business growth. Fortunately, the do-it-yourself (DIY) path to a SOC 2 doesn’t have to require new team members, more funding, and a prolonged development timeline. With the right SOC 2 automation platform, startups can easily build a compliance program from day one – and they won’t have to increase their staff or budget to do so.

Join Joanna Pritchard, Senior Manager of Risk Assurance and Advisory Services at Armanino, and VGS Head of Product, Jonathan Cordeau for an in-depth webinar covering all things related to SOC 2 Compliance. From how to successfully set your business up for SOC 2 starting on day one while staying within your compliance budget. These data security and compliance experts share their professional insight on the ideal roadmap to a positive SOC 2 Compliance effort.

During this 30-minute webinar, you will learn what SOC 2 is and why all business leaders should consider obtaining SOC 2 Compliance, even if a client isn’t directly requesting one. You’ll understand what exactly needs to be completed in order to attain SOC 2, how you can easily integrate compliance into your roadmap, and why becoming compliant can help you close more deals. Plus, you’ll get exclusive, expert-sourced insights on SOC 2 directly from professionals who work with successful startups to help them quickly and efficiently obtain their SOC 2 Compliance. This webinar will show you that, with the right tools, automating your SOC 2 workflows with an all-in-one platform will enable you to get compliant without the burdens that companies typically face when opting for a DIY path to SOC 2.

Joanna Pritchard, Senior Manager - Risk Assurance & Advisory Services
Jonathan Cordeau, Head of Product - Very Good Security