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    Busting eLearning Myths: Not All Adaptive Learning is Created Equal

    2018-04-03T10:15:00Z Provided by

    Many training vendors tout “adaptive” learning as an important strategic feature of their technology, but the term is misleading.

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    CRI Group Granted First Ever ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Accreditation by Dubai Accreditation Department (DAC)

    2018-03-28T09:00:00Z Provided by

    Corporate Research and Investigations LLC “CRI Group” has been granted accreditation by the Dubai Accreditation Department (DAC) as an ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System Certification and Conformity Assessment Body.

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    Creating a Centralized Compliance System

    2018-03-23T11:15:00Z Provided by

    Download this white paper to learn best practices for implementing an enterprisewide compliance system.

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    Third Circuit Continues the Marathon Battle Over Delaware’s Unclaimed Property Law

    2018-03-19T14:15:00Z Provided by Alston & Bird

    Delaware’s unclaimed property law continues to face challenges in federal court.

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    Twists and turns in the road driving toward GDPR

    2018-03-19T11:15:00Z Provided by

    May 2018, the effective date of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, is almost here and promises to establish the most sweeping changes to EU data privacy laws in more than 20 years. 

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    The New Realities of Data Governance in a Regulated World

    2018-03-08T10:45:00Z Provided by

    Regulators are increasingly scrutinizing all digital communications associated with banking operations. At the same time, digital communications provide treasure troves of data to help organizations better meet customer needs and grow new products and services.

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    Preventing worldwide human rights abuses

    2018-03-06T15:45:00Z Provided by iPoint

    No company in the world wants to be the subject of a human rights abuse violation. In this eBook, produced by Compliance Week in partnership with iPoint, chief compliance officers, chief risk officers, and in-house counsel will learn everything they need to know about how to mitigate such a risk. ...

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    7 Step Guide to Risk & Compliance

    2018-03-05T11:00:00Z Provided by Signavio

    This guide provides insight into how technology can empower compliance professionals with the correct tools to assess regulatory impacts, then communicate this information effectively throughout your organization. In short, Signavio’s 7 Step Guide to Risk Compliance will help ensure compliance becomes a company-wide endeavour, by harnessing the skills, ...

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    It’s time to refocus your internal control lens on risks. Not benchmarks.

    2018-02-27T09:00:00Z Provided by

    The first paper in Deloitte’s new series on ICFR takes a closer look at financial statement risk assessments and provides a risk assessment diagnostic scorecard to help get you started. The paper also discusses how world-class organizations are applying innovation to their ICFR programs as part of the risk assessment ...

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    Taking the pulse of third-party risk management policies


    This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week, explores the latest trends in third-party risk management programs against which compliance officers and risk officers can gauge how their programs compare against their peers. This eBook further examines best practices for how to reduce the associated costs of managing third-party risk.

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    Cybersecurity Pulse Check Cross-Industry Performance Report

    2018-02-09T11:00:00Z Provided by

    True Office’s Cybersecurity Competency Toolkit is one-stop-solution to help organizations diagnose employee understanding of their role in cybersecurity and train on the necessary topics to ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

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    When sexual harassment impacts corporate culture

    2018-02-07T11:15:00Z Provided by

    This eBook, produced by Compliance Week in collaboration with NAVEX, provides the latest insights and best practices on how to proactively address the company’s expectations concerning employee behavior, address gaps in a speak-up culture, and properly respond to allegations of misconduct.

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    Financial Services: Managing Digital Risk and Compliance

    2018-02-06T10:30:00Z Provided by

    Cyber criminals go anywhere there’s a potential financial gain, and FIs a top target. To fight back against these potential threats, you need a digital risk and compliance solution built for all your digital channels.

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    File Sharing Without Fear: 5 Key Requirements for Law Firms When Choosing a Content Collaboration Platform

    2018-01-23T09:00:00Z Provided by BlackBerry

    As we will explore, despite the industry’s aversion to media coverage of attacks, less-visible breaches involving the legal profession are being reported worldwide in ever-increasing numbers.

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    How To Tackle the Challenges of GDPR

    2018-01-19T11:45:00Z Provided by ASG Technologies

    This whitepaper explores compliance approaches, explains the importance of governance to successful compliance, and offers guidance on implementing new technologies to support GDPR initiatives      .

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    Case Study: Global Investment Firm Uses Secure File Sharing Tool to Comply with International Regulations

    2018-01-16T14:15:00Z Provided by BlackBerry

    QIC routinely works with highly sensitive data, and keeping this data secure is critical. An expanding global presence represented a significant challenge for the organization in this regard – a challenge it met through BlackBerry Workspaces.

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    Goldmoney Case Study

    2018-01-12T10:45:00Z Provided by IdentityMind

    Goldmoney uses IdentityMind to automate their KYC, Anti-Money Laundering, and Fraud Prevention activities. Our scalable solution allows uninhibited growth and our automation, machine learning, and easy-to-use rules allowed Goldmoney to focus on expanding their business.

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    The Sanctions Screening Whitepaper

    2018-01-05T11:15:00Z Provided by IdentityMind

    The IdentityMind white paper provides important background and tips to improve the sanction screening process. Learn how false positives can be minimized using matching algorithms, ways to apply risk integrated rules to configurable lists, and how their technology can help to eliminate wasted effort and improve results.

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    Trusted Digital Identities

    2018-01-05T11:15:00Z Provided by IdentityMind

    Read this white paper to learn more about why it is crucial to develop digital identities which look at more than static data, and how introducing digital attributes such as online behavior and transactional history creates a much more robust system where trusted identities and suspicious identities evolve differently, making ...

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    Forrester's Vendor Landscape: Anti-Money Laundering Solutions 2017

    2018-01-05T11:15:00Z Provided by IdentityMind

    In this comprehensive report, Forrester explains that Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs are key for companies that facilitate financial transactions. When selecting the right AML technologies, you should consider the broader financial crimes prevention and risk management architecture within which AML sits.