In-Depth Reports

The Compliance Week bookstore offers in-depth reports on topics relevant to compliance, audit, and risk executives in the corporate compliance community. Reports are available as digital and hard copy, please see individual title listings for available formats.

    2018 Financial Restatements: An Eighteen Year Comparison

    Audit Analytics | August 2019

    In this report, Audit Analytics provides a detailed analysis and comparison of trends in financial restatements over an 18-year period. Key analysis includes Reissuance & Revision Restatements, Largest Negative Restatements by Year, Impact on Income, Average Number of Issues, Issues Breakdowns, and the Top 25 Largest Restatements Disclosed in 2018. | $195 (PDF), $245 (Print)



    Sixteen Year Review of Audit Fees and Non-Audit Fees Trends

    Audit Analytics | January 2019

    In this report, Audit Analytics provides its most recent analysis of the audit and non-audit fees paid by accelerated filers over the past 16 years. Key analysis includes non-audit fees as compared to audit fees, audit fees and non-audit fees without audit related fees, and non-audit fees and audit fees as a percentage of revenue. | $99 (PDF), $149 (Print)



    Long-Term Trends In Non-GAAP Disclosures: A Three-Year Overview

    Audit Analytics | October 2018

    The annual Audit Analytics report on non-GAAP disclosures provides a detailed analysis and comparison of non-GAAP metric trends over a three-year period. Key analysis includes Types of Non-GAAP Metrics Used, Use of Multiple Non-GAAP Metrics, Use of Non-GAAP Cash Flow Metrics, Use of EBITDA, Non-GAAP Adjustments, and the Top Eight Reconciling Items of 2017. | $195 (PDF), $245 (Print)



    SOX 404 Disclosures - A Fourteen Year Review

    Audit Analytics | September 2018

    In this report, Audit Analytics provides an analysis of SOX 404 disclosures regarding internal controls over financial reporting (ICFRs) from 2004 through 2017. Key analysis includes number of auditor attestations disclosing ineffective ICFRs, negative disclosures in first attestations, ineffective ICFRs issues, management-only assessments disclosing ineffective ICFRs, and the definitions for the ICFRs issues. | $195 (PDF), $245 (Print)



    IPO Trends and Statistics – Evidence the IPO Market is Thawing

    Audit Analytics | July 2018

    Although the IPO market has been slow over the past several years, we're beginning to see signs of increased activity. In this report, Audit Analytics covers: number of IPOs during the first quarter of each year, number of IPOs by year, average IPO accounting and legal fees, largest IPO by year, and much more. | $65 (PDF), $115 (Print)



    Audit Analytics Restatements Report: May 2018

    Audit Analytics | May 2018

    The annual Audit Analytics report on financial restatements provides a detailed analysis and comparison of trends in financial restatements over a seventeen-year period. Key analysis includes Reissuance & Revision Restatements, Largest Negative Restatements by Year, Impact on Income, Average Number of Issues, and a comprehensive collection of Issues Breakdowns. | $195 (PDF), $245 (Print)



    The Compliance Handbook

    Tom Fox | May 2018

    This book incorporates the most recent pronouncements and guidance from the Department of Justice, including 2017’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs and FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy, to provide the most up-to-date advice on what constitutes a best practices compliance program. In this single volume compendium, Fox brings together the tops ideas, topics and techniques you can incorporate your compliance program, literally in 31-days to more fully operationalize your compliance regime. | $395.99


    2016 The Year in Corporate FCPA Enforcement

    Tom Fox | June 2017

    The year 2016 was a remarkable one for the enforcement of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Between the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a total of 27 corporate enforcement actions led to $2.5 billion in fines and penalties, the highest yearly total since the statute’s enactment in 1977. | $195.00


    Internal Controls in an FCPA Compliance Program

    Tom Fox | May 2016

    Internal controls have long been an overlooked requirement under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The volume of regulations and lack of clarity has created a barrier between compliance officers and the enterprise. Published by Compliance Week, this report offers a guide to navigating the complexities of internal controls and deconstructs the hotly debated topic by taking a closer look at the law itself and how it fits as a “critical component” of a best practices anti-corruption program. | $69.99


    Adopting Effective Data Privacy Controls

    Tom Fox | May 2016

    Cyber-security is taking a new twist this year, as companies begin to assess risks posed by sales and marketing activities that rely on digital channels and social media. The idea that digital marketing channels can create risk is perhaps not news to internal auditors, but experts believe knowing how those risks are created, and what controls should be in place to mitigate them, remains a work in progress. For the compliance officer, however, there are many challenges associated with data management, the main problem being that few compliance officers are involved in high-level discussions around cloud computing and data privacy controls, which can be disastrous for companies as they expand into new locations. This in-depth report takes a closer look at how compliance officers and audit executives are dealing with this new breed of data that can easily spiral out of control and lead to regulatory trouble. | $69.99


    A Guide to Effective Internal Investigations

    Tom Fox | November 2015

    The call, e-mail, or tip comes into your office: An employee is reporting suspicious activity somewhere across the globe. A company should have a detailed written procedure for handling any complaint or allegation of bribery or corruption, regardless of how that allegation is communicated. The mechanism could include the internal company hotline, anonymous tips, or a report directly from the business unit involved. This in-depth report provides compliance officers, audit executives, and other practitioners with all the steps needed to move forward. | $69.99