This webcast aired on July 13, 2021.
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Some companies need generic business licenses at one level of government, while others deal with lots of heavily regulated licenses at the city, county, state, and federal levels. Some businesses have stable licensing requirements, while others deal with licenses, permits, and registrations that are always in flux. Monitoring a long roster of credentialed employees adds yet another dimension to business license challenges.

Compliance is a necessity for every business, but the best long-term strategies for any company depend on factors like portfolio size, internal expertise, available budget, and risk tolerance. These variances lead some companies to develop and train their own internal resources, while others seek help from third parties. Whether a company chooses to keep their licenses in-house or offload to a trusted partner, the first steps are always the same – staying up to date on the business license landscape and exploring their business options with the goal of improving productivity, cost-effectiveness, and compliance.

Join Avalara’s license expert Eric Feigenbaum to discuss options for maintaining hundreds to thousands of business licenses, with live Q&A. No matter what type of portfolio you maintain, there are successful strategies waiting to be implemented that can keep your business efficient and in good standing.

We’ll cover:

  • Recent changes in the business license landscape across the United States
  • A recommended framework for researching business licenses
  • Maintaining staff continuity and sustainable systems for managing business license processes
  • Choosing between software products, service-oriented solutions, and hybrid approaches
  • Tips for cutting repetitive tasks, saving time, and reducing labor costs
  • How to prevent employees who fail to maintain their professional licenses from jeopardizing your company’s overall compliance

Eric Feigenbaum, Business Development Manager - Avalara