This webcast aired on November 10, 2020.  
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Talk about complex and tedious, but necessary. Identifying all copyright holders, licenses and license obligations within Linux is just that. Added to the already complex maze that is Linux is the fact that the accuracy of licensing information is tied to the specific version of the Linux Kernel you’re using, and older versions will have more issues than newer. Files may contain erroneous license data and subsequently make its way into your software inventory and Bill of Materials.

How deep do you need to go to uncover potential license compliance issues that could cause you problems now or when you least expect it? Have you considered snippet-level analysis? Should you?

Join this webinar with Dr. Andreas Kotulla, Founder & Managing Director of Bitsea, and Michael Lelchuk, Manager of Professional Services from Revenera, and learn more about:

  • When it’s important to put more effort into open source licensing detection
  • Potential impact of leaving Linux auditing largely ignored
  • How to detect inconsistent and incomplete open source licensing
  • The need for deep code scanning analysis
  • Real-world examples and key learnings from past audits

Andreas Kotulla, Founder & Managing Director – Bitsea
Michael Lelchuk, Manager of Professional Services – Revenera