This webcast aired on June 9, 2020.
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There’s no argument that the world has changed, and while the long-term implications of the COVID crisis are unknown, the way we approach work and the workplace has already become different forever. While Compliance needs to play an increased role in this new order, the job is harder than ever before with distributed and distracted employees, changing regulations and remote workforces increasing the risk of conduct violations. Now, more than ever before, it’s imperative that Compliance think about how their programs fit with the human experience in the workplace. Join us on June 9 at 2pm to explore three unique perspectives on humanizing compliance:

  1. Harper Wells, Director Compliance Insights & Strategy True Office Learning, will discuss how humanizing compliance and tailoring training to human behavior is the most effective way to structure your compliance program.
  2. Gary Turk, award-winning spoken word artist and storyteller, will discuss how leveraging film and emotion in compliance can help inspire better behavior and better understanding of policies and regulations.
  3. Jim Shields, creator of Tuesdays With Bernie, will dive into how leveraging humor, and the familiarity learners have with “sitcoms” can create powerful internal campaigns with memorable outcomes, and even entertainment.

Harper Wells, Director Compliance Insights & Strategy at True Office Learning
Gary Turk, Award Winning Filmmaker, Spoken Word Artist and Creator of “Look Up”
Jim Shields, creator of Tuesdays With Bernie