This webcast aired on June 13, 2019.   
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Identity lies at the very foundation of our day-to-day experience, yet, it’s the weakest link in the chain of interactions taking place in the online, borderless economy. While technology evolved at an exponential pace, the global identity infrastructure that we inherited still remains antiquated and has proven to be an inadequate instrument for online interactions. 

Identification and authentication is the first step to any secure and trusted digital transaction; however, the lack of interoperability and data portability still obdurately stand in the way of accessing even the most basic services.

Things, however, are changing; recent regulatory changes, particularly in Europe, are taking a more sophisticated approach to the management of personal information online. We are slowly, but gradually, starting a new discourse on identity – one where all stakeholders, including the traditional gatekeepers of PII, such as financial institutions and governments, and technology companies, along with regulators, are examining the possibilities of modern identity networks. To a large extent, stakeholders have been emboldened by the emergence of the API ecosystem – according to research, 75% of organizations today are building APIs. 

Join Zac Cohen, general manager of Trulioo, and Simeon Beal, associate director of One World Identity (OWI), for an exciting discussion on how modern identity networks can marry convenience, compliance, privacy, and restore trust back into our digital interactions.  

This webinar will take an immersive look at the following:

  • What is the modern identity network? What does it consist of? 
  • PII data: Who collects, shares, and owns it?
  • How APIs can standardize elements of identity data across regions and cultures
  • Transparency, privacy and security

Zac Cohen, General Manager - Trulioo
Simeon Beal, Associate Director - One World Identity