This webcast aried onAugust 18, 2022.  
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Corporate culture, while generally accepted as important for business success and sustainability, is often viewed in the context of “employee engagement” and therefore strictly under the purview of human resources. Yet, years of media headlines demonstrate corporate misconduct is not as much “a few bad apples” as often as “a rotten tree,” meaning a company’s culture has a large role to play in enabling or creating the conditions for misconduct to occur.

Against this backdrop, what happens when we broaden our understanding of corporate culture to also view it as a compliance risk? Or, to paraphrase Michael Volkov, as a company’s most effective internal control?

In this session, we will explore:

  • How chief ethics and compliance officers of leading organizations are thinking about and incorporating ethical culture as part of their ethics and compliance program strategies
  • Whether certain aspects of ethical culture are more important than others in identifying and mitigating potential compliance risks
  • Tools and approaches to measure ethical culture and incorporate it as a component of management/board reporting
  • How ethics and compliance programs collaborate with HR and other functions (or not) to steer culture

Nicole Diaz, Global Head of Integrity & Compliance Legal - Snap
Emily Miner, Director of Ethics & Compliance Advisory practice - LRN
Carlos Villagrán Muñoz, Director of Compliance - CMPC