This webcast aired on August 13, 2020.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the landscape of global risk, and many organizations are quickly adapting their third-party risk management processes as a result. Having a multidimensional view into your supply chain is critical to understand and deepen your knowledge of Tier N parties’ risk during this time.

While there’s no shortage of data available, it can be challenging to find the most informative and predictive data to zero in on and glean insight into making calculated risk assessments. Dun & Bradstreet has identified four key factors that are primary indicators of suppliers’ financial stability and ongoing viability.

In this Compliance Week webinar, you’ll learn more about these indicators and why implementing these types of data into automated strategies is essential to keep on top of suppliers’ dynamically changing status.

Perry Robinson, Solutions Architect at ProcessUnity; and Thomas Cosgrove, Leader, Product Management Innovation and Strategy at Dun & Bradstreet, will discuss how to:

  • Identify potential risk in your existing third-party population, which can help to avoid supply chain disruption.
  • Use these indicators to influence your risk assessments for vendor onboarding and ongoing due diligence for increased visibility and transparency.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive, ongoing monitoring process for your full supply chain.
  • Automate your third-party risk management processes to streamline assessments and better manage your supplier portfolio.

Perry Robinson, Solutions Architect for Product Strategy - ProcessUnity
Thomas Cosgrove, Leader, Product Management Innovation and Strategy - Dun & Bradstreet