This webcast aired on November 17, 2020. 
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Today, many organizations find themselves stretched thin with limited resources and unable to put together a world-class Vendor Risk Management Program (VRM). Too much work, too many vendors, too many moving parts, too many assessments. But what if you could address your vendor risk and due diligence needs without straining your internal teams? What if you could augment your team with experts and take some of that work off the table. What if you had industry experts to rely on for support and continuous monitoring? Managed service providers (MSPs) can alleviate the workload, allowing teams to be more strategic and efficient, providing more time to focus on core business outcomes.

Join Third-Party Risk Management experts from HCL and ProcessUnity for a one-hour webcast on November 17, 2020, at 2 PM ET, as they explore how to make strategic decisions to outsource portions of your VRM program to make it more effective and efficient.

You will learn how to:

  • Deploy managed services to vet your vendor network through a detailed assessment process
  • Gain insight into your inherent risk, map your risk level, and apply risk ratings to each vendor
  • Increase visibility into Third-Party real-time risks by generating actionable reports and creating remediation plans for high-risk matters first
  • Streamline and scale your Vendor Risk Program (VRM) regionally and globally

Manmohan Singh, General Manager, Governance Compliance & Risk, HCL
Bryan Burnhart, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts and Alliances, ProcessUnity